Accessibility Statement

At Bois & Cuir, we are committed to making and maintaining a website that is accessible to all individuals, including those with visual and hearing impairments. We believe that everyone should have equal and fair access to the information and products on our website, and we strive to ensure that our digital content is user-friendly, and meets or exceeds accessibility standards. 

Our Commitment

We are actively working to consistently improve accessibility. Some of our initiatives in this area include:
  • Maintaining clear and consistent page structure and headings for easy navigation
  • Large, colorful, photos for easy viewing
  • Voice-enabled search commands
  • Captions and audio transcripts on content 

On-Going Improvement

Accessibility is an on-going commitment for Bois & Cuir. As technology evolves, we will stay up-to-date and make necessary adjustments to ensure equal access for all users. Through our regular website reviews and assessments, we will make changes to have continual improvement.