Collaborate with B&C

B&C wishes to turn to an artistic interpretation by combining design and functionality. Thus, the company did not hesitate to surround itself with artists from fashion, painting and more! Here is a taste of the latest B&C collaborations!

Stikki Peaches

Renowned Montreal street artist STIKKI PEACHES is known throughout the world for his works combining memory and nostalgia of the 80s and 90s, a pop culture that never seems to age.


David Levy

As a creative director and fashion designer, David Levy always brings a wealth of design knowledge and inspiration to every project he tackles.Other recent projects have included working as the Creative Director for projects in the fashion industry as well as being the co-founder of Cherry Los Angeles, a renowned street brand in LA which is worn by some of the biggest names in the world.


Arren Williams

Arren Williams is an interior designer whose reputation can be measured through magazines, newspapers and television where he has distinguished himself for many years with the same passion as in his early days.

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Avi Tenzer

He is particularly known for his experience in retail and his avant-garde vision in this field over the past few years. Avi Tenzer is a design enthusiast and acts as Artistic Director.

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